Folders2Check Logo

Download on Microsoft Store: Folders2Check is a desktop app used for comparing the files/folders from two different folders and drives. Items missing from the folders are displayed in the app. Folders2Check can be used to compare folders on computers and external devices such as mobile phones. All rights reserved for the developer Ali Soltanian… Continue reading Folders2Check

DishCal 2

Download from Google Play Store: DishCal 2 Screenshots DishCal 2 helps keep a track of a person’s calorie needs and the number of calories contained in a meal. The user can calculate the number of calories in a single meal based on its ingredients making it an accurate app for keeping track of calorie… Continue reading DishCal 2


Char-M: a personality test and character matching app.

Char-M: Character Matching App Download from Google Play Store: Char-M is a personality test and character matching app where based on answers to a set of questions you’ll be given a character. The results might show one or more characters depending on how you choose your replies for the questions. Developed by: Fatimah Soltanian… Continue reading Char-M